Partnerships Bring Hope, Faith, and Change

for the Women and Girls of Ghana.

Founders Initiative supports 15.6 million women* and 11.5 million girls* with four projects that will change the landscape for equality in Ghana.




Let's Work Together for Women and Girls of Ghana.

Founders Initiative, a Christian not-for-profit organization, is in need of volunteers to help empower women and girls in Ghana that are economically disadvantaged. Our mission is to bring hope, faith, and positive change for the future by empowering women through education, health care, economic opportunity, and social justice. If you are interested in volunteering with Founders Initiative, please contact us for more information.

Join us now!

How You Can Help Make A Difference


Help provide essentials and supplies such as food, clothing, feminine needs, school supplies, and medical supplies.


You can make a contribution that will be used to alleviate poverty and improve the lives of women and girls in Ghana.


We are always looking for volunteers to share their time, experience, and talents to help make a difference.


Partner with other nonprofits, corporations, startups, and individuals who share the same mission and vision.

Our Mission.

To Establish Equity and Inclusion for a Brighter Future for the Women and Girls of Ghana.

The answer is simple: Ghanaians are the 2nd largest immigrant population in the US As such, their issues are in effect ours too! Through Christian" Faith", we intend to "Empower" Women and Children through a primary focus on "Education" but also meeting their basic life needs. Our hope is to contribute to the "Development" of Ghana and positive contribution to the school and workforce in the US.

 We plan to open the school before the next academic year and continue missions aka trips to provide supplies and goods to the women in Ghana, and offer business opportunities in sewing and dress making..

Our Partners, Sponsors, and Ambassadors.

Founders Initiative exists to provide Christ-Like leadership, vision, and partnerships with individuals, businesses, banks, other industry leaders in education, global and community outreach, youth services, medical care, food banks, and those with service heart throughout the US, Ghana, and globally.

The Eve Gene

The Eve Gene is donating a percentage of all sales of The Eve Gene Loc Moisturizer product to help the women and children of Ghana with self-care.

Zona 78

Zona 78 is partnering with us to host our 1st Annual inFinite: Empower, Educate women and girls night! They are hosting a dinner, donating gifts, and a silent auction. Find more info on our website.

Copper Mine

Copper Mine Brewing is a Tucson, family-owned business since 2016. With local roots in Arizona, they actively partner with charities. They are hosting our 1st Annual Drink a Brew – Send a Girl to School Event!

Impact Chapel

Impact Chapel is a vibrant, Christian Church in Tucson,AZ They are a diverse church family of all ages and races. They deliver hope, purpose, healing, and fulfillment.