About Founders Initiative

Our Mission

We are a Christian US 501-c3 and a Ghana Not-for-Profit (NGO) that serves women and girls, economically disadvantaged, and at-risk girls in Ghana through our 4-fold Vision: Faith. Educate. Develop. Empower woven into our 5 initiatives.

Our Goals



2024 and beyond




2000 Women & Girls in Ghana and the US

Our Story

As a 20+ year education, our Founder, Minister Christyn Ryan has a heart for women and girls who experience domestic and sexual violence. On her 2 trips to Ghana in 2021, upon her return, she “founded” Founders Initiative primarily as Jesus is the Founder and Perfecter of our Faith (Hebrews 12:2) and also to celebrate the 6 Ghana’s “Founding Fathers” holiday. 

On her 2 trips, she met girls who could not afford to attend school, those who experienced sexual abuse IN public schools, those who left because they didn’t have the resources to get feminine products or school schools, or simply girls who had a disability or special needs were left-out and left-behind.

One young girl around 7 had never been to school, but her brother had, even though her mother worked for a king! The little girl spoke no English and now will most likely repeat the cycle of poverty as her mother. That is, unless Founders Initiative can fight for equity and inclusion NOW! 

We strive to create a safe and creative haven to educate (Isaiah 54:13) and offer jobs and services for basic feminine and life needs without fear of sexual harassment or violence, to break the cycle of poverty, and to empower all the women and girls of Ghana (Isaiah 60:21).


Christyn Ryan

Founder | President

Miss Ryan brings her M.A in Educational Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment and over 20 years experience in public education to Founders Initiative. She has a unique gift for teaching with creativity and high energy, providing opportunities for disabled and economically disadvantaged children. When Miss Ryan was in 4th grade, her teachers told her that she was “too stupid” to read so by the time she gave her heart to Christ in 1992, she was on her way to becoming a student of the Word. In 2010, she completed her Master’s Degree in Education with a 4.0 GPA in 5 months all while working full time. Having experienced failure, and finding her strength, learning how to read; her personal motto is, “Children can learn ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS,” derived from Philippians 4:13.

Barb Osborne


Barb has a long 30 year history of working for non-profits as an animal advocate. Her only greater love than her animals, is her love for Jesus; with her relationship with Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit as the center of her life.

She brings a wide repertoire of fundraising, community participation and relationships, leadership, and organization skills to Founders Education Foundation.

Through Equine Therapy, her most cherished memory is creating a safe learning environment for Special Needs Children which lead them to miraculously overcome physical and emotional disabilities!

Her belief is that we serve a God of possibilities not impossibilities. Matthew 19:26

Nora Melchor


Nora is an amazing Christian woman, business owner Of Real Tax Solutions, and long-time tax preparation IRS enrolled agent. She was recently named to the “Bad a** do-gooders” Association for her Tax Business in Arizona, USA. She loves to travel and is excited to visit Founders Ghana one day.

How Can You Help


The Founders Initiative makes it easy and safe for you to make a donation to help women and girls in Ghana.


We welcome partnerships with nonprofits, corporations, and foundations who share our values.


We are always looking for volunteers that are passionate about empowering the women in Ghana.